For twenty-one years, ODG has been the most comprehensive medical treatment and return to work guideline worldwide, with aggregated data across millions of cases used by thousands of health care providers.

Their web-based app had gone through years of iterations and functionality improvements. And while the data itself is unparalleled, the user experience lacked cohesiveness, accessibility and ease of use.

ODG approached us to not only help them modernize the user interface and add mobile friendliness, but also strategically rethink the way its users searched for information and used the plethora of tools available.

Our challenge wasn’t trivial, but we broke it down by applying our time-tested UX process. We began by interviewing end users—administrators, supervisors and internal personnel. We learned how and why they use the system and what’s important.

We aggregated these findings into mindmaps shared with ODG stakeholders. This helped to define structure, content hierarchies and create a roadmap leading us to visuals.

Our solution was an innovative user interface that brings customized search to the forefront while presenting easily accessible information that relates to the user’s intent.  The outcome delivers a high-degree of usability to an already powerful system, and access to tools and functionality many users didn’t even realize were available.

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